Lot's of shedding


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Two days ago one of my females shed. Today two of my females are shedding. There is a lot of that going around this week. That means they're growing! I'll be sure to take some pics as soon as I can. It's so crazy that as they shed their skin fall like snow flakes. Kinda, lol.
hahaha...my guy just shed last week and I remember thinking the same thing, "looks like snowflakes." Went to check on him during the day and BOOM, looks like a blizzard happened in his cage.
I guess so because Albus just finished shedding today and Tiger started up a shed over the weekend. That's another two shedding. lol.
Yup shedding is in the air here to;) even Apocalypse took a shed :eek: I did take pics of the 2 veiled’(still going at it though)s and my Morph panther I overhauled and rewashed their plants and did the cage duty tonight, what a work out.....
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