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I have a female veiled chameleon who is just over a year old. She's eating, drinking, and behaving normally. However, I just noticed when I got back from work that she's missing some nails. I don't know how this happened or why. It looks like she's lost 4 so far all on her front feet. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Is this something I should be working to prevent in the future?


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Does she climb the screen often? Do you have any rope vines?

If the lighting, or any other part of your husbandry, is incorrect, your chameleon may pace around the cage and start screen climbing due to being uncomfortable. Have you witnessed her climbing the screen?

And if you have rope (or other materials mentioned later on by other members of the forum) in your enclosure, all you have to do is remove it. Simple as that. Rope or other cloth material such as reptile hammocks can snag your chameleon's toenails which results in a loss of toenails.

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