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Hi All

I've been looking into getting a chameleon for awhile now. I've reading and searching on the care and species out there. I have visited our local reptile store and saw two chams there for sale. Problem is, I'm nor sure what they are. They are being advertised as 3 horned chameleons, one female with a single horn and a male with three horns. They are rather small (young) now. Are they Jackson's? I find them a little pricey, male for 389.00$ and 310.00$ for female (CAD)

Apparently they are rare...not sure if it's just a selling tactic.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am sure this isn’t really going to answer your question, but from what I have learned is that in general (price wise) the older they get the more the price goes up, and it is usually good if you can to get an older maybe sub juvi Cham, especially with the more rare locals.
Maybe, but they are very young, maybe a couple months... I don't mind getting them at that price, just want to make sure I get what I'm paying for...

Thanks Carol,

But I live in Ontario, Canada, in northern ontario to boot. I doubt they will ship a live animal here...lol!

ah sorry about that, did not notice your location and even if I did I wouldnt have known what Timmins is anyways!!! If anything you now know they are overpriced!!!
Ok, so I went to the reptile store and got a few pics of the two chams in question.

First one is of the female and the second one of the male.If someone can ID these and let me know max I should pay for these, please let me know.




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Yeah, they're werner's (Trioceros werneri). I would not pay the asking price. Last summer the werneri I saw for sale in Canada were $125. Price does vary, though. They look to be in good condition for WC's.

Now, If only I could find some in my neck of the woods. If anyone has any in Ontario, let me know... :)

Definitely look into Chameleon Nation.. They are located in Shakespeare and Stratford Ontario... Its your best bet for nice, healthy chameleons.
Well, I bit the bullet and bought the female. Her name is Camellia...fitting I think. I got a much better price on her and she is awsome. Very friendly too boot...

Here is a pic of her. :)



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