looking for info on Elliots chameleon(Ellioti)


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hey all, as the title says I'm looking for info (sites or personal) on elliots chameleons. so far I haven't found much (on this site or google), I gather they like coolish temps and lots of water but besides that I'm pretty lost.

I know some folks on here either have or have had some, so maybe you can point me to some good info or have some of your own you'd like to share.

you might guess the reason I'm asking is I think they'd be cool to own (saw some on kingsnake, and it was so temping but I need to have some info fist)
also is anyone working with them (as in breeders) because if I do end up geting one (or some :p ) I would like to go CB ,as I'm no expert keeper.


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Good thread.

I cant say more than that besides I enjoyed mine. WC animals are not easy though. Its pretty much luck of the draw on good specimen. I shipped some babies from different females to a guy last year. Ill shoot him a message to see how they are doing. Not sure if he wants to sell them though. They would still be a ways from producing clutches too.


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thanks! I did in fact see that one (tho I admit I sorta scaned over it and missed some info).

I do still have some questions tho, such as supplements (how much, how offten?) I'm guessing they wont be the same as pathers (or will they).
also lifespan, I've readed they reach muturity about 6 months and I know a lot of animals that reach muturity fast also die sooner (like carpet chameleons).

thanks in advance :)
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