US Looking for home for panther cham: NY/MA

We are moving to an apartment that unfortunately does not allow reptiles, so I need to part with my chameleon. Ambilobe, about 2 yrs, very chill, loves to crawl out onto my hand when I open the cage. Only time he has puffed up is when I take pics with a close cell phone. Eating mainly crickets with supplemental superworms. He has eaten dubias before but it's always a chore to get him to eat them, so they are not his main staple now. Absolutely loves grasshoppers and praying mantises though.

Not looking to sell him, but just want to find a good home for him. He is currently in a 2x2x4 screen cage, mistking, that would come with him if you needed.

We are on Long Island, moving up to Worcester, MA--so anywhere reasonably along the corridor from Long Island NY to MA I'd be willing to drop off/meet. Also would be willing to ship but would prefer to drop off locally


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I’m sure you will be able to find a home for that handsome fella. If I was closer I would be interested, but Maryland is a bit of a drive. Good luck
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