looking for cham owners in the north east

hello all,

i want to know just home many of you arm from the north east. im from columbia city indiana, just out side of fort wayne. proud husband, father, and growing collector of chams such as jacksons and bearded pygmys.

wheres everyone else from???
Me and my poor chams are currently stuck in Indiana as well :rolleyes:
I'm in Crown Point; if you don't know where that is, I'm sure you know where Gary is. We're just south.
I am lucky enough to be in Manchester UK. Which I am sure will be the eventual captial of the World. It rains all the time but when you've been away from it theres nothing better than seeing Manchester, rain or shine! Love it.
Hi, I am from the North East.......but the North East of England LOL!!!

Houghton le Spring, near Durham. :D
P.s Nice to have a thread away from the actual Chameleon. A chance to hear about the Chameleon keepers. Who have these brilliant animals, who are you people?

I like it. Good Thread!
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