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HELLO again,
Unfortunaly Echo my veiled perished. Do not know why?She was eating,drinking and had nice colors. She also perished right before my 24x24x36 screen enclousre came in. I had her in a 18x12x24. Now I have my new setup can I put a new cham in this large of a cage? I am looking for a breeder . I visited a couple of site which I heard were good like Kammfaglechhams. What are the benefits from pet store chams and breeder chams? Are the chams alright after overnight shipping ? And has anyone know how reptile depot.com are with cham sales? Any info wood be greatly appreciate. BROLUVBONE
Hey BROLUVBONE, sorry to hear that about your Cham :(. I think it would be alright to house a new cham in that size of a cage (24x24x36). Kammerflage Chams have a good rep (www.chameleonsonly.com) or FL Chams (www.flchams.com) if your looking for Veileds. If your looking for Panthers check out www.prismchameleons.com, www.screameleons.com, or www.chameleonsonly.com. I heard bad things about reptiledepot and advise not getting a cham from them. Its better to buy from a breeder then a pet store because 99.9% of the time you see how bad the pet store chams are, unhealthy, living in the wrong conditions (glass aquariums) etc. Its way better to buy off a breeder.

Hope this helps.
I third that! ;)

Ed and Liddy Kammer are just about as fine as you get in breeders. One that was not mentioned if Bluebeastreptiles.com

I also do not recommened getting an animals for the dept, rays, reptilecity and other "companies". You want to steer clear of those that carry a zillion different species - it's like factory farming. All those mentioned (the good ones) specialize in just chams or a few added species.

I would strongly suggest that you try to determine what happened to Echo. If it was husbandry you may need to reevaluate.

As for the cage size, if you get a young cham (remember NOT under 3 months old) he might have a hardtime finding prey in a large cgae unless he cup feeds.

Hope this helps!
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