Looking for an experienced Chameleon herping buddy!!!!!!


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I’ve been living in sw fl for about a year now and have discovered 4 vield populations through research and long hours of walking through random wooded areas. One of my spots has vields with orange coloring on them too. Though I’m really looking to find a panther chameleon, I’m open to paying for coordinates for a reasonable price or trading you the locations to all of my vield spots I would even personally show you around each spot so you know where to find them so you won’t be wasting your time looking too hard. If anyone can offer me advice on wear to look for panthers in south west area im sure I can offer you something in return.

I haven’t found panthers yet, but I’m hot on their tails I will have found breeding populations by the end of this summer, I’m looking for a herping buddy. I live a little north of swf hmu on Snapchat joeayers23
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