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Hey everyone. I’m looking for a panther chameleon. I would like to find a breeder nearby. Does anyone know of a breeder in Colorado?
I know I can buy online, but I just recently did and had a very bad experience. So I’m hoping that I can find someone local. Thanks I’m advance

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I have not vetted this breeder; it's the first one that showed up searching google:
panther chameleon breeder colorado

Other possible resources include:

Sorry you had a bad experience online—it does happen—but there are some excellent breeders who do ship.

IMO, it's very much worthwhile vetting prospective breeders. You can check out specific breeders in the archives, or ask about them in a post.

There's also a classifieds section on this site: https://www.chameleonforums.com/forums/#chameleon-classifieds.32


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The panther chameleons you see in our local Scales 'n Tails in Denver currently come from Colorado Chameleons in Colorado Springs. Colorado Chameleons is a wonderful local resource and breeder of panther chameleons - they are super knowledgeable and responsible. You can definitely call or email Colorado Chameleons, or schedule a time to visit their new store front :)
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