Look at me (Shelby) now !!!


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Here she is! She's now showering. LOVES it. I dunno why, I have heard most stress when showered, but she actually gets lighter then ever and climbs as fast as she can to the highest point when the water is turned on, and sits in the open. She could hide in tons of places, but she sits in the most open spot there is. :)



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Mr Green: I use bamboo as well. Herbie seems to like it. it's a good gripping size. but you have to be sure that it is stable otherwise is will spin when your cham walks on it :D
Mr. Green

Mr. Green,

Yes! It is bamboo. I love it. As Lady Cham said, it's kinda tricky to get stationary. Also, has to be small enough for your age/size cham to grip...as it's a smooth surface and slippery. I have taken small screws and screwed it into my metal frame. :) Shelby LOVES it though. She's always perched/basking on them!
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