Lombardi Today...


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For those who have been watching this little guy grow... at 4.5 months I am not so sure we can call him little any more. I had him out today and snapped this when I went in the bathroom to see what he looked like on my head. Started "Yo Yoing" his tail...and Doing the "I'm a Big Bad Ass Veiled" Dance... I am loving his patterns and colors more and more everyday. I get so excited watching him grow! (I sound like a friggin' chia pet commercial:rolleyes:)



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Check out my holdback-Lombardi's brother AJ-he has a supertude when he sees his Dad, but is still easily handled! He just shed...



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Lombardi's king of the mountain!!! My guy Dante is starting to grow a ton, I could really tell this morning. Hey Juli when was this clutch hatched, I thought I read somewhere that it was 07-08-08.


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Thanks everyone!

@Justin: We are moving into a new place, and this guy is cool enough that I may have to build him his own Extra Large enclosure someday.

Juli, AJ Is looking great! Lombardi is getting a little bit more independent as he matures....he takes a little more coaxing to get out than before...but he is still just as friendly once he is out.

I think that magic grow ray that helped so much was the Daily natural sunlight he was getting for his first couple months here. It is so rewarding watching something mature from so little and fragile looking, to so huge and tough.

@alhickabee: You are right... I got a little ahead on how old he was...here is the thread from the hatching...Julis Babies Hatching So that means he just turned 4 months! unless I am messing up my math again... it is early in the morn....(counts on figers...):D


Holy crap... what are you feeding that guy? Rivi is no where near that big (his attitude is though). I wonder if its that california sunshine thats helping his size out. it got to cold to put my guy outside about a month ago here. we should start a thread so we can compare/ check out how all the brothers and sisters are doing.

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they both have a really different shade of green really beautiful guys!!!!!!!!!i cant wait to post pics of dexter son of ancalagon hes one of the kammers champions
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