Lombardi back in the groove!


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Well after his little vacation earlier this week, and having to bait him back home using his receptive GF Sookie I thought I would see if they were up to mating today. You may remember Lombardi tends to be a little gung ho when it comes to breeding and sometimes it leads to rejection. Today it went very well. I let her in his cage and they promptly met at the top pothos where they stayed together for the better part of four hours copulating on and off. Finally she began to darken and reject him, but he was not going to let her leave without a fight, he charged and tried to grab onto her tail and leg while I was trying to remove her. I snapped a couple pics of her Gravid display, and put her back in her cage. Lombardi stayed fired up in his cage pacing around like an angry gorilla for most of an hour. When I opened his cage to grab some pics of this impressive display he did what he could come out and up my arm to try to find her. He is quite the character. Here is a series of shots of these two from the day... Hope you enjoy!

First here are the two lovers gawking though the screen when she lured my boy home...:)

This is how they sat, so content and calm with each other for hours.

Not very happy, right after I removed his lady...

Sookie, Not to happy, an her way back to her cage.

Lombardi... Stomping around his cage in a fit...

Wheredya' Take her Buddy!?!?

Is she over there?

Not hard to get a big Veiled on your arm, if your arm is the last place he saw a lady!

Thanks All!


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Yeah that is the pic I love! Lombardi strikes that pose when he's trying to impress as well. I was speaking about the thread back on 4/21 where I asked about Calcifer. you said...

Crap, I totally said that. You caught me. Well, I shall post that thread now :)

Thanks for the reminder.


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Ahhh...such a good sight to see, Lombardi back in his home sweet home.:)

What more could the guy want...?? He's fed like a king, lives in a huge palace and his owner supplies him with hot lady friends.:rolleyes::D

Hey Joe can you you adopt me?!?!?:D



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Just goes to prove Lombardi really is a lady's Cham....love the 2nd pic!so glad everything is going well for you and that he's home safe and sound

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:D I'm glad you rewarded them both with some 'alone time'! She deserved it for luring him back and Lombardi had his welcome home chameleon style! :D


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Lombardi looks great with his lady friend. So happy she was able to lure him back to you. Soooooo nice to have a happy ending!!!!!!!


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Thanks Guys! Yeah it is great feeling, and a true happy ending having him back to watch like this. When I got him back from his little excursion he was pissier towards me than he has ever been, but I am glad to say he has since relaxed, and is back to his normal relaxed self. Maybe the little bit of "tension release" from his lady friend helped.;)

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