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Hi all,

Like others here, I'm looking for variety in feeding my senegal chameleon. I'm somewhat new to this, so I'm unsure if it's ok to buy locusts/hoppers online. I see lots of websites in the UK that sell them, but not many in the states. I'm located in California so if anyone knows of a local source I'd sure appreciate it.

Also, any other alternative food suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've got some housefly cultures as well as some small silkworms currently on order. I know that you can feed roaches to chameleons, but my guy is so small I'm not sure if he'd be able to eat them. Most of what I see online are pretty large bugs, and I'm still working on bringing myself to keep a supply of roaches for my chameleon (it just sounds wrong.) I do love my little green friend though, so I guess if I have to get some small roaches to feed I will.

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Hello infrared, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

I don't think locusts are commercially available in the states. You mentioned small silkworms and houseflies; they will be great for your chameleon. A lot of people in the US also use crickets. Well gutloaded crickets are excellent. I'm not a big fan of roaches either, so I can't help you there.
In the US, shipping pest bugs across state lines is against the law. That includes locusts. I understand that you can raise grasshoppers and ship them to people in your own state if you want to... but maybe I have that confused.

Roaches.. they are easy to keep and great feeders. I keep a non-climbing, non-flying tropical species. They reproduce fairly quickly, and a group of about 75 adults will keep you well supplied in feed. My pygmies really, really like them. My panther is a finicky eater. He will eat one now and again, but who knows.. they may be his next favorite.

The adults are generally too large to feed to most cham species. However, the nymphs are coveniently sized to fit whatever cham you happen to have! I said no way to the roaches at first too, but the idea kinda worked on me. I haven't regretted it. They are the easiest bug to keep of any in my collection, and the cleanest.

Whats Up Heika,

Where Do You Order This Species & And What Type Of Set Up Do You Raise Them In, I'm Looking To Have My Own Bugs. Raising Crickets & I Would Rather Do Roaches Than Mealworms. I Hate The Things Ever Since They Got Out Of The Bottom Of My Cage And Bit Me In Bed!:mad: Plus They Turn Into Freak Beatles!

Thanks, Kenny.
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