lobster roaches and feeding schedule


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I have a adult montium, he was getting bored of crickets so i went and found some lobster roaches just today and he loves them. He was only eating 2-3 max crix every other day sometimes every day, but today he had a feast of lobster roaches. He ate 4 pretty good sized ones real quick compared to a LARGE cricket or bigger. I cup feed him with no prob. Are these roaches a good STABLE and what do I do for gutloading? I still want to introduce crickets in his diet also but he loves these roaches. Since he is a adult I think I suppose to feed him every other day???? I think the dubias i seen at my local store was to big for him, and is terrified of meal worms! ITS FUNNY ha:D
Lobsters can be a staple- they are for my lizards.

They can be fed anything- you can gutload them the same way you would crickets.
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