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I just want to say "thank you" to lllreptile.
I ordered online Sunday nite, and my order arrived this morning!
I call that good customer service.
I also ordered from CoastalSilkworms at the same time and it too arrived today, although it was scheduled for tomoro
I placed two orders in a week with LLLreptiles....They got a great variety at great prices and shipping is FAST!! Thanks from me too:D
I'm going to head out to the Menifee store on Saturday. I have some new chams, hehe. To be announced...:D
Another good thing about lllreptile, is that they have price guarantee...
If you find something at lllreptile, that costs more than other sellers, they match the price and get you extra 5% off !
I love doing price search, and getting discounts from them... they are great!
... my last order was from pangeareptiles tho... because they had 3x1 on vines, and more great discounts.... so.. I couldnt not take that offer :p
they have nice prices and great shipping deals aswell...
I love them both :p
Scott, is it ever possible to order smaller quantities of crickets?
At present I only have 1 panther (we all know that doesn't last!)
But since he's a juvi getting thru a large order is difficult since they grow so fast :)
Thank you again for your great service!
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