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Hi folks
I would be very grateful if anyone can ID this lizard. The picture is taken in Malaysia - I have been told that it is a chameleon - anyone any thoughts? I am writing an article on the plant and it would be nice to correctly ID the lizard.
Many thanks
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Many thanks Julirs. I used to keep lizards in my younger years and it does not look like how I would expect a chameleon to look but the eye looks bit chameleon like.....
I dont believe it to be a chameleon. Chamaeleo zeylanicus occurs in Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan, and is the easternmost chameleon. It is similar and closely related to C.arabicus and C.calyptratus.

Gonocephalus chameleonatus seems to be the only "Chameleon in Malaysia" from what i've researched.

Good luck getting an ID!
It is a Calotes versicolor, itz very common around Asia. We have lots of them in HKG.

It does have a common name in Chinese which is call "chameleon'. as they have the ability to slightly change their colors, especially during the afternoon where they will bask on trees.

They are also know as "vampire"/ "bloodsucker" by elder people, because the lizard is usually found in bright red color under the sun
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