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I currently do not have a cham (put my baby to sleep last week). I previously used fake vines & I am considering using live plants with my next cham. I did not use live plants before because I am afraid of mold or bacteria growing & harming my cham. Has anyone had any problems with this? Also was wondering if having my mistking set to spray 6-7 times a day will that be too wet for my live plant (plan to get hibiscus)? I have never had much luck growing plants & I know hibiscus are a little difficult to keep but I want the safest/best for my new cham. :confused:
I use live plants with my AquaZamp misting system and have no issues with mold or root rot in my plants... but this is more to do with the way I pot the plant. Be sure to use large grained sand, this helps the water drain. If the plant is getting water several times a day, the dirt doesn't need to hold a lot of moisture.

Hibiscus like water and lots of light.... be sure to use a 6500K color temp light along with your UVB lamp. Pics/UV Readings/lightexample.jpg

Edit: use the sand with the dirt you use to repot the plant... what I do is mix the dirt in a bucket... sand, dirt, a tad of peet moss and stir it all up.... then I pot the plant. I also put screen at the bottom of the pot to catch the big bits of dirt and then I use rocks in the bottom to kinds of help filter the water.
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Hibiscus is very hard to keep alive inside....the require allot of sun. I would get a Pothos or Ficus instead.
nice kevin, i still havn't had luck with hibiscus, while id like to keep one...

any specific bulb you can reccomend, i need to pot almost all my stuff anyways.. i want to just hang grow lights in my cham room to keep all my plants alive.......

bought to many ficus's so i could rotate them out/around to other cages after/while cleaning, a few in my bathroom/bedroom for free ranging and what not..

i am to abour 30-35 plants ...some i bought and can't even use in cages like the actinophyla but oh well looks cool.
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