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So I went to english gardens yesterday to pick up a ficus for Dreaken's new 24x24x48 cage and when we brought it home we found a little surprise in it...a green anole! looks like we now have one more reptile in the house!
What a great surprise!! I talked to a lady the other day who brought her plants in from outside for the winter and found a tree frog in one.
I used to be a florist for a company that imported tropical plants straight from Florida. I got to keep any tree frogs and such that ended up being shipped accidentally. I drew the line at the huge spider though.
Lucky anole for finding a new home.
Yes chams will eat them and mine is no exception. He caught one in our patio and nabbed it before I could stop him. I am always thinking he might be getting some in the outside cage I have for him but I try not to think about it cause I love the little anoles.! There are also people who feed them to their chams which is something that is not for me!!!
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