Little rumbler just now in So Cal...


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Okay who in the Ventura Cnty area, So Cal just felt the little 4.4 rumbler? I have read that it was centered in Northridge and Westlake Village, but I am not sure which one it actually was.:confused: Or if it was 2? I am at my house in Simi now, I actually was in Westlake Village about 20 mins ago, but I felt it perfectly... I had time to run and lay my flatscreen down on my bed as it wasn't secure and jump out the door. lol. So who felt it... Elisa... KevinA... Clemonde? I get a kick out of little earthquakes. Elisa... Were you living at your current home during the Northridge Quake? I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Guess I just read the map wrong originally, It was centered in Westlake. Timing couldn't have been better... I was up on a 12 ft ladder in Westlake all day.:eek:
I always wait to long to react thinking it's just something around the building. By the time I got out of the chair it was pretty much over.

Lots of transplants from around the nation here though, they always have fun with them:D The best was the last sizable one out here, later that night we went to my buddies place and drummed our fists on his windows and dor, him and his girlfriend ran outside in their undies.;)
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