Little green inch worms??


Does anyone know or has any one ever tried the little green inch worms for their chams? I guess spring is here and they are dangling from many trees in my yard. They are about the size of a meal worm. I will try to get a picture! Just wondering.


I tried to get a picture but it would not focus so I stole one from Google:D
I am going to research on line as well! Thanx guys


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james L

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Ive used them for small chams before. They use to pop up it my bougainvillea. I would just follow the chew marks on the leaves to find them. There safe.Just make sure to take them from a pesticide free area.

lisa h

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Something I never thought to ask, but I'm glad someone did. I know what Horny Hag will be trying this spring! Thanks!


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I would have never thought about those because Ive had one land on me that I didnt realize was there until it started to sting...
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