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I was wondering there is a reason why chameleons feel compelled to come out of there cages to explore. Is it to see if there are other chameleons in his territory? Is it just for the heck of exploring? Is it to hunt? Do you guys let your chams out to climb around (with supervision).

Was just wondering about your take on this...
Well seems I have asked a question with no real answer. But I would still like to know if its a good idea to take your cham out of his cage to roam in the room with supervision. Lenny does seem to enjoy just perching on my fan (which is no higher than his cage) and observing me working on the computer. What are your habits on this subject (excluding sunbathing).
carlos likes to come out of his cage to get to the big schefflera and he'll stay there for hours, i don't know of any other reason than to find a plant that was bigger than the one in his cage.
I think they just need a change of scenery once in a while. I usually take mine out about once a week and let him chill on a hanging plant for a few hours.
We do "handle" our Chams on occassion. I know some feel that handling causes stress, and for the most part I agree. We open the enclosure door and they climb right on out and crawl around at leisure while we watch of course. They all have favorite spots as well. We have the baby veiled hatchlings and we also handle them because we hope they will come to get used to it easier.
all my males have setups that when i am home i open there cages and hook a vine up and it leads to either a hanging plant, freestanding tree, etc.. they seem to make it their territory and it becomes the other half of their cage. i think they are looking for mates and just exploring. the females show less interest in exploring.
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