List of supplies?

Does anyone have a list of supplies you need for a chameleon?

I don't but I can help you out by typing one out for you.

Screen Cage (appropriate for size and species)
Live Plant (Cham safe)
Organic soil (for repotting your plant)
Digital thermometer/hygrometer
5.0 Linear Reptisun with hood
40 to 60 watt basking bulb and hood
Light timer (12 hours on 12 hours off)
Misting system hand held or automatic
Variety of feeders
Plain Calcium
Calcium with D3

Might have left a few things out but these should be the basics.
river rocks to cover soil, dripper, gutload for feeders --- be careful with reptivite as it contains prEformed vitamin a, which can build up in the system and block d3 absorption.
You will need to provide your cham with lots of different feeders with Crickets or Dubia Roaches being a good staple. Do a search on feeders and feeder gutloading for Chams and you'll find lots of good threads on the subject. I'm glad you are doing your research before bringing a Cham home. :)
Your going to use a few large rubbermaid tubs to keep the insects in. I use a total of 4 different ones at the moment; 2 crickets, 1 superworms, 1 huge one for the dubia colony. I have another set on hand cleaned so when I need to clean out the bins its an easy transfer. I had to cut ventilation holes in all of them and I then hot glued screen over them to ensure no escape. All of them have locking lids for extra "oops" protection. All of them were bought and created by me so it was pretty cheap to construct and it works perfectly. The one thing I did break down and buy was one of those cricket scoopers you see at the pet store, it makes cleaning and catching those suckers up sooooooo much better than chasing and crushing them with my hands. I got mine from Ghann's cricket farm; a site sponsor.

The insects themselves could require an additional heat source if you don't want them kept in your bedroom if you have cold winters like I do. They also need to be fed variety of fruits and veggies in order to stay healthy. When it's feeding time you will be needing 3 differant types of supplements.

Material list for initial feeder set up:

-1 bin per feeder type with locking lid
-roll of aluminum screen cage
-High temp hot glue gun & sticks
-Egg crates
-Heat Source (situational, not always necessary)
-lids to hold dry & wet gutload
-Fruits and veggies for wet gutload
-Cricket Crack (dry gutload)

Feeder upkeep:

-1 bin per feeder type with locking lid (empty, clean, ready for transfer on cleaning day)
- Egg crates
-Fresh gutload
-Handy Dandy cricket catcher (time saving optional device)

Feeder's big day:

-small tub for dusting insects
-Calcium Without D3
-Calcium With D3
-A multi-vitamin supplement
-Feeder tongs (optional)
-favorite feeder cup (for the cupfeeders)

This list is going to be huge haha!
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