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Tootie's pee is weird! It's never been like this. She peed once more after this and it's less wet but still not solid. She unloaded this the day after I introduced her to silkworms and goliath/horn worms. Could that be the cause? Also, my other cham has been sitting on her branch with her mouth open. She just sits there with it open. Her tongue isn't hanging out and she will close it when people come near. Does anyone know what this could be caused by?


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Particularly wet poo after intro of 'wetter' food items is not a concern.
the other cham Gaping, may be experiencing conflict between the need to warm up and the excessive intensity of heat at the basking spot.
Providing various different perches at different distances to the heat and it will choose its own favored place (thermoregulate).
Often captivity dosent provide the choices it has in nature.
How old, what species and what temperature is the gaping one experiencing at that spot on the perch?
well for your other cham to have its mouth open could be that its too hot in the cage and its trying to cool down, kind of like how a dog pants to cool down. As for the liquid poop, im not too sure is this the first time its happened? If so then it could just be from the extra hydration from the silkies and hornworms. Keep doin what you are doin but if it happens continuously then id say try stop feeding the silkworms/hornworms and see if that does anything, and if it still happens then id suffest contacting a vet
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