lining of the cage


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i have a graceful chameleon. Should I not put anything on the bottom of the cage? I now have large woodchips which I don't think she could ingest but I just want to be sure. If I should take it out what should I replace the woodchips with? thanks


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I figure the reasons for not having any substrate in your tank are... even if the bits of substrate are too big for your cham to eat by accident your feeder bugs would all hide in it. Loosing their gutloaded nutritional value the whole time they are awaiting their fate. Even possibly attacking and biting your cham once they become hungry. Not to mention substrate makes it WAY harder to keep your enclosure clean, thus harbouring bacteria. Cheers!


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It is recomended to put down nothing. It is easy to clean and the most sanitary way to go! It might not look the greatest having it bare but it is probably the best thing you can do for your chameleon.
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