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i have a 4' tall 3' wide 2' deep screen enclosure

and was thinking of getting the exo terra light cycle tube light set up for it

i was wondering what bulbs i should use with a jackson chameleon?

also would it be ok to run the tubes vertical rather than horizontal?

Further more the fixture claims it has waterproof end caps but would it be alright if these bulbs where to get wet with a mister? (not directly sprayed but if they got wet somehow?)
Why doyou want to run your tube vertical? you mean on the side? Put your light fixture across the top of the cage. Get a Reptisun 5.0 tube for your uvb and you will need a basking light also which you can use a ordinary housebulb in a dome fixture for that. Try a 50 watt. I am not positive what the basking temp should be for a Jacksons but I am sure someone else will post that for you. If you put the bulb on top then you wont have to worry about it getting wet!
You dont want to mount your bulbs verticle. It can mess with the chameleons natural patterns of heat/light gradients.

I was told and then watched Youtube videos of the light cycle unit and it really isnt what its made out to be. I would get a dual 48" linear fixture to spread across the top of both cages. Get a 5.0 linear reptisun bulb and then a plant grow bulb from a home improvement store. The second bulb will give great viewing light (think HD picture quality lighting lol) and the UVB bulb for obvious reasons.

i dont know enough about jacksons to comment for a heat bulb tho :/
I have a light cycle unit and it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

When turning on, it goes from off to about 50% and then slowly increases to full output over about 20 minutes. When going off, it slowly decreases to about 50% output then abruptly turns off.

The caps are supposed to be waterproof, but you shouldn't be exposing your lighting to water.
Forgot to mention: the constant side lighting from a verticaly oriented tube would be hard on your cham's eyes. It would be hard for it to escape the glare of of the unnatural long term direction of the light source.
Thanks for the input i hadn't thought of some thing you were all saying such as heat radiant and possible eye damage

i just wanted the light to beam from front to rear of enclosure for my own view purposes but you all have reminded me that its about the cham being comfortable not me haha.

I am probably still going to use the light cycle bulbs due to the fact they dont require a hood and i can mount them directly to the ceiling of my enclosure which is sealed plywood (exept where my 150w sun glo bulb sets on a screened cutout).
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