Does anyone know if this is enough or if I need any other lighting in addition to this we are changing our setup and have this new light fixture but unsure if this has covered all basis the viv the 90x60x45 we have a panther chameleon
We. Also got this uv lamp but not sure what this would be needed for 🤔


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That "black light" is just UVA, its not needed.

That D3+ 12% is only recommended for cages that are taller than 5 ft. You do not want them in a reptibreeze XL. And i dont recommend running them at all without a meter. A D3(non plus) is good for 27-30" of usable UVB into the cage(without screen, with screen its 22-24"), and the D3+ is twice as powerful as that.


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You want the 6% UVB bulb rather then the 12%. With the 12% You will have to have a total distance with screen in between of about 12 inches to get an acceptable UVI level at the basking branch of approximately 3. But like Nightanole said they are dangerous. Very strong output and without a solarmeter you are going to be hoping that your UVI is at the right level at 12 inches down.

With the 6% UVB bulb you would need a distance of 8-9 inches to the closest branch below the fixture for an approximate 3 UVI level.

I would not use the black light. Instead get a 6400k or 6500k regular bulb for it. This will be great for plants. And will be needed because the UVB bulb does not provide enough light.

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IDT that enclosure will be large enough for an adult panther. For an adult panther, 24"x24"x48" is recommended, which is ~16 cu ft. Those dimensions yield ~9 cu ft. —about half.

I agree 12% UVB is too high. Note the 12% is for desert dwellers like bearded dragons, ackie monitors, or uromastyx. Panther chameleons live on the edges of rainforests. Arcadia 6% or Reptisun 5.0 are plenty. I also agree with using a meter—either Solarmeter 6.5x or DIY version.

You will also need a basking light and LED plant light.
For basking, I prefer (in order of preference):
  1. Household incandescent bulb (not LED)
  2. Incandescent flood light (not LED and not spot light)
  3. Halogen flood light (not spot light)
A clamp light fixture works well for basking lights.

Basking lamps are best installed/mounted at an angle to produce a temperature gradient rather than a hot-spot.

For plant lights, I prefer LEDs, specifically for a 24 x 24 x 48 enclosure I like/recommend:
Coupons are usually available.

LEDs are generally more powerful, last 5X longer, don't contain mercury, and many (like above) are self-contained and don't require an additional fixture.

I try to set up lights like a Venn diagram to allow the cham to seek out/find the light it wants/needs. This isn't as important for plant lights except that plant lights are often the brightest in an enclosure and reptiles instinctively try to bask under the brightest source.

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