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Hey everyone, I have a veiled that I currently have on a midnight-noon light schedule. Recently I moved into a new apartment and with the move I need to adjust his schedule. I'd like to change it to 10-10. What is the best way to adjust his schedule? I read other comments saying to just do it one day, but I tried that today and he got extremely moody with me. As soon as I woke him up, he wouldn't even let me look at him without trying to strike at me. Just wondering if there is a way to change it that will ease him into it more.

Klyde O'Scope

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Would you rather he be moody/grouchy for a couple days, or would you rather drag it out? :unsure:

No harm easing him into it an hour at a time (as if with a clock change to DST) if you want.

I think it's up to you.
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