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I am setting up a 24x24x48 reptibreeze for a 5 month old panther. I plan on using 8" can with 100watt reptisun flourescent bulb and a seperate 100 watt basking spot lamp for heat during the day. I am putting a plant inside that has dense folliage so my little buddy can get out of the lights. At 32" the plant stops and artificial vines go from that point up. During night time I am putting a night 75 watt bulb in the basking lights place as to bring the temperature down a bit. Does this setup sound like he is getting everything he needs
I always use a double fluorescent fixture with a Repti-sun 5.0 long tube in one side and a regular household fluorescent in the other side. I use a regular incandescent household bulb in a domed hood for a basking light. The wattage is determined by the temperature needed (mid 80's) for the age and species of chameleon.
you do not need a night heat light unless it gets really cold in your house. also i would use a reptisun 5.0 linear tube. also a 100 watt basking light might be to high..unless it is elevated off the top of the screen make sure u have a thermometer as you will have to play with your temperatures.
Im using a 5.0 in a 8" can, I take it your suggesting I get a 2nd 5.0 bulb, I am not using long tubes, I already had the cans from a previous setup
since I am using a 48 tall i thought the 100 watt would heat further down since my plant right now is 18" from the light at its peak
since I am using a 48 tall i thought the 100 watt would heat further down since my plant right now is 18" from the light at its peak

its a good theory but if it is too hot at the top it can hurt your little guy. and thats not what you want.
100 watt is ok to use but what you need to do is check your basking temp under the light where your basking branch sits. As long as your temp is around 85 or so then you are ok. You have your branch quite aways down. Usually branches should be around 8 inches below the light but again, it is really the temp that matters.
I will watch my temp settings and adjust accordingly, what do you think about the single 5.0 uvb reptisun compact flourescent in a 8" can
Compact flourescents are assumed to damage chameleons' eyes. I would use a tube because there is no reason to risk it.
most of us the Reptisun 5.0 tubes because we have not had any issues whatsoever using these bulbs. The compacts were known to cause eye issues in the past. Supposedly the issues were resolved by the manufacturer but there was stil the fear of old stock being sold on the market. There have been members on here who had some problems with the compacts and when they changed to the tubes conditions improved, and then there are some people who use them without incidence. It is really up to you. I say you could always try the compact, but if you notice your chameleon showing signs of eye issues, or sleeping the during the day, being lethargic, then I would venture to say it is your bulb causing the problems and I would switch it out.
From my newbie reading that is a far to big cage for a 5mth old. Why? He will exert to much energy trying to hunt for his food. You should plan to house him in a 12x18x20 until at least 6mths and not a 24x24x48 til he's almost a year.
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