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I moved my baby panther to a new aluminum 38 gal. screened enclosure. In his old "baby" cage he had a small 5 1/2 reflector dome light with a Zoo Med 25 watt basking light.

Since this isn't going to work for his new home, I'm wondering what wattage do I need for this bigger cage? Do I want to be able to heat all the way to the bottom of his cage or just the top part?

I'm also using a new Reptisun 5.0 for his UVB.

Hello, I would try a 60 watt bulb. You want to have one side of the top part of your cage to be his basking side which is hotter (around 100 degrees, although I'm not sure for a panther), and the rest to be a comfortable temperature around 80 or so degrees.

Love the baby panther in your avatar :)

You might have to try a few different wattage bulbs until you get what you are looking for. A normal house bulb (incandescent) is fine for heat. Your goal is to provide the required temperature gradients, and the basking light is one way of at least partially doing that.
Check out this article at chameleon news: Gradients: Give your Chameleons a Choice - By Bill Strand
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