Light Suspension Issue


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I've figured how to arrange the basking lamp and the UV Lamp.

UV lamp isn't actually touching the mesh, it's on some clips that stop it from touching but its resting on the mesh at the top, which is fine as it's light enough.

However, I'm having issues with thr basking lamp. I know where i want it to go and i know that it will produce the right temperature at given distance.

I have a clamp lamp holder which i can fit up to 200W bulbs in (i was going to use 100W with a dimmer stat), but suspending it above the enclosure is proving almost impossible. I have investigated the use of a clamp lamp stand, but they extend vertically up to 91cm, however, my enclosure is 122cm tall, and is off the ground by a further 30-40 cm by an old tv stand, meaning the clamp lamp stand isn't tall enough.

I have considered using a microphone stand with a boom arm on it, would this be worth doing ?
I used a boom cymbal stand with Hyde's previous cage and it worked really well. I'd assume a mic stand would work just as well
Im using an exo terra 100 Gallon flexarium, which consists of a structure of plastic tubing and a nylon mesh. It is therefore non weight bearing. I have the UVA/B resting on there but i don't want to risk anything else.
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