Light Q's on free range


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So we are building a free range area in my room for Rango. Should we use the same lights that are in our cage? (Like buy seperate ones but the same kind) And how many? Just to give you guys an idea on how big the area is, it's 1 1/2 walls. On one wall we are haveing 2 shelves that are different levels and then we have a 10ft tall fake ficus tree in the corner. Above the tree we are gonna have a corner shelf. And on the opposite wall we are going to have one shelf. The shelves are for the plants! Plants willl be on the wall with 2 shelves and there will be 1 on the corner shelf above the ficus tree. On the other shelf we are going to have wood and stuff for him to climb on.

Building it tomorrow morning! Ill post pics when we finish it.


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You will need the same lighting that you use on a cage. If you check the Free Range section here that's under enclosures you can get some ideas.
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