Lets see your babies

Any age any kind, pics of babies please!

This is a young Ch. (T.) wiedersheimi. Mike at FlChams hatched these guys. I recently recieved three of them. If you want something different these guys are not often offered CH, or CB. Anyway lets see yours!



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Here are a few of my babies some not so tiny now.

Not the best photos in the world but hope you enjoy them.
Love Karen


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That Peacock chameleon is such a cutie! Yeah, Mike is deffinetly the way to go for CB Montane chams...it's nice to work with a species that's common as WC but rare as CB. Here's the little male Montium I recieved from him:

...and after a month he's grown a ton (horns especially) bad picture though.

I've had him for almost two months now, so I'll have to update on his current size.
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