lets all say a prayer


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so was up realy early watching the news outta japan and waiting for the Tsunami to hit here the west coast of the us. been sittin here watchin the footage of it comin ashore in japan an im in awe, its bad enogh you have an 8.9 earthquake but to have the Tsunami like that afterwards, are you all watchin this like me an just in awe of it? i live in southern california an been thru every earthquake weve had felt the 92 quake of 6 sumfin an just cant imagine an 8.9 or a Tsunami like that afterwards.
i hate to think of the death toll this is goin to have.


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That is so sad. I seen it on google. I hope that they are alright and its so sad to think that their homes are destroyed. My mom went through the Earthquake in 89? i think it was. It was a huge one i guess. She told me she could see the freeways collapsing and her balconey was moving a lot.. Its always sad to see something like that happen..


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A heck of alot more than prayers needed! So many quakes lately, where is it leading?



This one is terrifying!








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It's just completely devastating. My heart goes out to the people there and those who have loved ones there.


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My best friend (aka boyfriend's sister) is there! She's a Marine stationed in Iwakuni. I didn't even know what happened till after I saw she posted on FB that she was ok, I don't really watch TV. She said it didn't hit where she's at.


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I've been saying prayers all day!! I also have friends stationed over on the main land and on Okinawa. We haven't heard anything from them yet, but I'm sure they're fine. It's absolutely tragic, and I've almost cried twice at work today looking at all of the pictures. :-/ I really hope they need some Marines for Humanitarian efforts over there, my hand will be the first one up!
I am hoping everything gets better for them soon ! I heard CA may get some waves from Hawaii.

Im starting to question my belief on 2012......:rolleyes::eek::p


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Just stunning! My thoughts are with them. Now problems with two nuke plants! As if it wasn't bad enough.


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So many quakes lately, where is it leading?

Who knows! Last earthquake here in So California was in '94, and scientists are always saying the "big one" is coming. We live about four miles from the San Andreas fault too. We had a drill last week, but at the real thing, all goes out the window and I bet its going to be chaos at the office...I doubt praying will do anything, but it does not hurt...fell sorry for the lost lifes.
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