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Well i was cleaning my chams cage today and moving her out and puting her on to another plant seemed to stress her alot. She was jumping I had to catch her a couple times. Is there a better way to move her out to clean. I gently put my hand under her so she could walk on it but she just got mad and tryed to bite me.
other than a spot clean of the cage for poop, it doesnt need to be cleaned very often. I f she doesnt like it, try not to take her out. just work around her.
Clean How Often?

This is a good question: How often do people do complete cleanings? Is there concern with mold or bacteria build up in the plants? Do you use a disenfectant on the cage bottom or is that bad for the animal?
I don't get crazy with my cage. I clean poop out as soon as it happens. I wipe the bottom of the cage out everyday from dripper overflow. I do not use a disinfectant. I wipe down the leaves and branches if I see "deposits" (I have a male) and that is about the extent of it. Other people go to more extremes and not saying that is a bad thing either. Maybe try opening up the door and setting a small tree and tall plant there and see if you can get your cham to climb out on it. I have never gotten any type of mold in my cage that I am aware of.
I wipe mine down with Novassan they with a damp paper towel,fast and easy. My chams don't come to the floor much so I feel safe cleaning the bottom the way I do. My big cleaning are done only about 3 times a year now. I was doing it at least every month or every other month, but I you have a lot of chams and have to disconnect all the stuff it is a pain. The ugly cleaning is the one in winter because I can't do it outside, rather it is done in my walk in shower. Novasaan
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