US Leopard geckos need to be rehomed


My mother is making me rehome all of my reptiles and I still have two leos to rehome, can someone take them in the East Tennessee area? I’m asking $100 each but I’m extremely flexible on this. Their names are Titan and Sager.
Titan has MBD and has deformed arms bc of this so he needs a home that will take the time to give him baths to remove shed from his hands every time he sheds. He isn’t a fan of being picked up or baths though so that’s an obstacle. Once he is out of his tank he’s all good and will sit and chill with you.

Sager isn’t a tame dude. He doesn’t like being picked up and is very skittish. He’s very pretty and loves food though so I guess that kinda makes up for it.

they both come with their 20 gallon long tanks, heat mats and thermostats, hides, and whatever else I have for them. Please PM me or something if you think you would be a good fit for them and have the knowledge of their care. She won’t stop harassing me about them so it’s kinda rushed, my apologies. I also don’t really wanna go to a rescue, so yeah.


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Oh, good! I was ready to see about taking these babies in. Thank you for the update, glad to know they're well.
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