Leopard Geckos and mealworms...


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Ok. So a bought my friend a leopard gecko. I have been reading a lot of contradicting information on proper diet. I know that mealworms/giant mealworms and super worms are generally too fatty as a staple diet for most herps. I have been reading that this does not apply to leopard geckos? Can someone please point me in the direction of some legitimate, credible info on proper diet for leopard geckos.

I can only tell you that my leo trio has been with me for over 17 years and I feed them well-fed crickets, superworms, silkworms, etc. (no mealworms ever) and once in a while waxworms...all dusted the same way I do for chameleons.
Leopard geckos do well on Superworms, they love them, just dont make it a staple as with any other reptile, Variety and Moderation are best. :)
i have no links to supply you with for support but i do breed leo's. mealworms are just fine in the diet and as JJ said variety is better.
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