Leopard Gecko Not Eating

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So my 2 year old female gecko mary jane has not eaten in over a week before this i had finished the first of two treatments for parisites i should have started the treatment a week ago but i didnt not want to start the treament for her on an empty stomach. I am going to pick up wax worms today to stimulate her appitite. She has never been with a male but could she be gravid? Any help would be much appreciated.

Got back from my Passover Seder and bought wax worms but mary jane only looked at one licked it and turned the other way.
Re: parasite meds...they are given at certain dates as a rule for a reason...that number of days apart kills the next batch of them. Since you are breaking the timing I would advise you to talk to your vet about when to give the next dose.

You gecko might not be eating because of the medication.
I have a pair of Leopard Geckos and they both go on hunger strikes for many days at a time, but eventually they go back to eating like pigs!...not to insult pigs or anything...did you try giving them a variety of feeders?
meds and feeders

When she was on the medcation she ate fine but after she slowed off. I give her a variety of feeders from crickets to giant mealworms and waxworms as a treat
udate she has shed once since then

but he still hasnt eaten yet? she is taking alot of calcium though could she be gravid?
threw a dish

i put a mixture of calcium and vitamins for her but she does not seem to be gravid i looked at he belly under a bright light and nothing was there
i have had adult leo's go two to three weeks without food. then all the sudden pig out. just watch the tail. if it is staying nice a plump you shouldnt have anything to worry about.

another thing: i switch up the food. crickets and mealworms. sometimes i will pull the rear legs from the crickets. sometimes i will free range and other times i bowl feed. sometimes i feed at night and other times in the day. if i do feed during daylight and they are asleep i will wake them up.
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