Leon's loving this weather!


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Hey guys just wanted to share some photos of my veiled cham Leon enjoying the beautiful weather! This is my first post by the way, the forum has been a great help with raising this little guy! As you can see in that last picture Leon isn't very impressed with my camera haha


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Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. This is a great place to learn about chameleons. I'm glad that Leon got to enjoy some outside time. Here in FL my guys get some outside time just about every day year round and they love it. I have a blog for new keepers attached below incase you haven't seen it. Hopefully it will help you to keep Leon healthy and happy.

More great info here: https://www.chameleonforums.com/care/chameleons/


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Thanks for the helpful link Jann! I'm trying to take him out as much as possible before it gets too cold here, your guys are lucky to be able to get out so much!

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Welcome to the Forum, and your first post. Looks like you have raised a healthy cham, and you can't beat natural sunlight.:D
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