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i have a 5.0 uvb bulb, a heat bulb, and a plant light as a regular 12 hour light cycle is this enough for his calcium or should i dust crickets also.
You need to dust your crickets at every feeding with a plain calcium which contains NO d3. Then a couple of times a month dust with calcium with d3 and also a multivitamin a couple of times a month. Do you gutload your crickets?
l do feed the crickets before they go in there, the terrarium is so large i also have food in there for them, right now tho leon is a bit sick of crickets and is only going for the meal worms or fruit flies
oh ok, just make sure to get your supplements. If you cannot find the three you need in a pet store then you can go to LLL Reptile online. they have just about everything under the sun!!!
I would try to get him off of mealworms and give him supers worms instead. They are easier for him to digest.
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