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i have a Fischer's chameleon that i have recently noticed that he is not using one of his back legs very much-he seems to let it hang when he is lounging on his branches..and sometimes doesn't use it to move unless it is to grab a leaf, He is eating,drinking and moving around all over the place....I don't know if he has hurt it or not. I have not seen him fall.
I don't know if this is something to be concerned about or not. We got him at a reptile show, and i have tried to contact the Person who i bought him from and can not get a response....can anyone help?????

Thanks :confused:
No there is not swelling at the ankle,
we have had him for about 3 weeks. When we bought him, we were told that he was fully grown but i didn't think to ask how old he was until later and now the person i bought him from will not respond to me. I don't have a picture yet of him doing this, right now he is sleeping in his ficus plant.
Ok here is a picture of what he looks like lounging. he is holding on with 3 legs and the 4th is hanging.....


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The “lazy foot” problem could be an actual problem with the foot and/or leg however it can also be a sign of another health issue that may be making him/her weak.

I would keep a very close on everything (feeding, drinking, poop, amount of sleep, eye closing during the day, etc.) and if this behavior persists and/or other issues pop up then I would make a vet appointment ASAP.

Thank you and i will keep that in mind. So far his eating,drinking,sleeping habits have not changed. He has started to use it some. We thought maybe he just injured it climbing and was trying not to use it. He seems to move all over his cage without problems and is very active..so i am hoping that, that is a good sign...any other signs that i should be aware of??

Any and all ideas are welcome.

Thank you!!!:) :)
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