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I've been noticing Ryker has had left over shed skin from the last two sheds. Though the last pieces of skin do look normal unlike the first time this happened when I noticed it it was more like a bubble of skin. Though that is pretty much gone now... These last pieces aren't coming off though no matter how much extra mistings I am doing, though mind you I have his automatic mister set to every 3 hours for 60 seconds, while I mist by hand for the extra mistings about 2 minutes 2 times a day in between the automatic. Is this not enough mistings? Or should I be giving him showers during a shed? Mind you he doesn't like being held much while he sheds, so maybe I should do it immediately after a shed? Any input would be great because I'm worried >.<
I noticed no one else is replying and I know how frustrating that can be when in need of help.

Can you take a picture of his shed skin that is stuck?

If it is just flat stuck on his belly or something it is fine for now and will probably eventually fall off with movement but if it is around his arm or limbs it could cause blood flow problems if it is all the way around.

If it doesn't come off within a couple of days I'd up the misting a wee bit more but then wait around 3 days and just take him to the vet ($$$) or try and take the skin off yourself very gently but I wouldn't recommend it.
The skin is stuck to his spikes along his back and the ridge right above his eye. I will be getting a picture up in a few hours >.< gott wait for the camera to charge again .___. I swear whenever I actually need the thing I gotta charge it XD. Should the mist be fine? Or slightly heavier, I notice he doesn't seem to like the fine mist as much as he likes the heavier drops so I've been thinking about loosening up the nozzle a bit and making the mist stream a bit thicker. If that makes any sense.
If he likes the water drops lightly nudge the trigger of the spray bottle so it creates rain drops and do that over the shed pieces if he doesnt mind.
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