Left My Overdue Veiled While On Vacation


We Are Talking Veiled's
Conception Took Place On Jan. 11th
She Dug Approx. 15 Holes And Left Them With No Eggs Inside. I Brought Her Inside, Still With Plenty Of Nesting Possibilities, Inside The Cage.
I Went Out Of Town For Four Days (my Father Watered And Fed In The Middle Of The Two Days) I Came Home Today To Find 20 Eggs Behind A Pot Of Nesting Soil On The Bottom Of The Cage.
I Figure She Ran Out Of Energy To Dig A Nest And I Am Lucky She Did Not Become Eggbound. The Eggs Have Collapsed A Little, I Would Say Only 20% Concave. They Are Snow White, Healthy Eggs Compared To The Ones I Have Had In The Past.
I Put Eggs In 3 Inch Deli Cups Sealed With 6-8 Pin Holes In The Top Of Each Cup. Vermiculite/water 60/40%. I Live In The Dry Desert Of Ca. Temp. Maintained At 78-82 Degrees.
#1 She Held The Eggs For An Extra 4 Weeks (8 Total From Conception) Can I Count The 4 Weeks Against Incubation? Hard To Tell Since Hatching Can Varry 6-10 Months.
I Have Been Told Minor Shriveled Eggs Will Regain Their Full Shape After Incubating In Vermiculite W/water As They Soak Up Moisture. I Will Check In A Day Or Two And Report. Any Help, Suggestions, Or Personal Experience Would Be Appreciated.
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