Leaving, 10 days, advice?


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From Aug. 3rd to the 13th I'll be leaving for my long awaited vacation to the Galapagos Islands. I've handwritten an extensive set of directions for our 'pet-sitter' who luckily only has to care for two chameleons (1.0 Veiled, 1.0 Panther).

I left both of them with another sitter last year when I was on vacation for 8 days and returned with them in not-so-good condition. I really don't think she understood the concept of humidity, as both the cages were at 25 %. I'm hoping to prevent it this time around, and as luck would have it both look like they're going to shed soon.

Any advice I can give the pet-sitter to make it a little easier on her (and on the chameleons?) My Panther's getting older, and I don't want to be too rough on him...Thanks guys.
Hey Michele..

Hey! I wanna go! I have the same situation in December. I'm going on a week long cruise for christmas to the Bahamas. I'm flying in a former pet store owner to stay at my house for the week due to babies hatching, females laying eggs etc. while I'm gone. I am going to have her put each one in the shower atleast once in the middle of the week to ensure proper hydration just in case misting isn't sufficient. I'm not too worried if she doesn't get the supplimentation exactly right since it is only a week. I am going to make sure that everone is fed well and well hydrated the week before the trip. I am sure that you are nervous, I always am when leaving my animals in someone elses care. You have to remember that when imports come in they can be in crates for a couple of days with no food or water and most arrive with no problems. Good luck and have fun on your trip!
I am going away for a week to Barbados 15th October this year. This is the first time I have had a full weeks holiday in about six years. I usually go away for just four nights maximum. My mum always looks after my chameleons. They are used to her but I do have to make things simple for her. She doesn't dust any of the insects and she sprays with water minus the Repti-safe. I give the vivs a good clean before and after so she just has to remove the 'waste' and thats it. I don't expect her to fill up the dripper but just manually spray the chams twice a day. I like to think my chameleons will be alright for a week on just basic care. The worst is when chameleons get moved from familiar surroundings. Some reptile shops will look after your chameleon whilst you are on holiday but I think the stress suffered by this upheaval isnt worth it.
I'm going away for a month to Australia in November. I don't trust anyway to look after my cham, so am thinkin of booking him into a reptile hotel. There is one near where I live, I think they would know know how to look after him a lot more than my friends (who all seem to have a fear of bugs!) the only other person is my dad who lives 6 hours drive away from me in Cornwall. I'm so worried about my cham, i can't look forward to my holiday!
hmm im going..

basically nowhere

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