Learn me on breeding Hissers


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A Madagascar Hisser Roach Become Sexually Mature Around 6 months of age, so a successful hisser breeding & feeding colony will not take very long to establish. Once sexually mature, females will give birth to up to 35 baby hisser nymphs. This happens every 30-45 days. If you have to feed off use males as feeders and keep the female to male ratio at about 3-5 females per 1 male.

This sounds realllllllly close to dubia in terms of babies per month, and birth to adult. Is there anything else i should know, or any tips?

The poor 14 pound tegu is really struggling to eat adult dubia (its like watching humans trying to pick up coins off a gym floor) so i think its time to move to the next biggest feeder. Maybe if i lose my mind ill get a pair of quail next year.


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I got them as feeders but now I don't want to feed them off :( they are hella cool !
in my opinion they grow faster than dubias or they reach feeding size for chams faster than dubias .
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