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Diapherodes gigantea
Diapherodes gigantea.jpg
For the chameleon keeper with larger chameleons such as Mellers and Parsons, Diapherodes gigantea is the answer. D. gigantea is a beautiful lime green stick insect from rain forests in the Caribbean Islands. They are slow moving, and not covered with spines, making them very easy to handle, and bright green elicits a strike response.

1 NYMPH for $15.00
5 NYMPHS for $60.00
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Phyllium philippinicum Leaf Insect
The philippinicum leaf insect is one of the easiest of the leaf insects to raise. Similar to the Australian ET stick insect, it is slow moving, and easy to handle. The females grow to about 4-inches long, and are quite bulky. I feed them mostly on wild blackberry leaves.

1 NYMPH for $15.00
5 NYMPHS for $60.00
Care sheet can be found at

Extatosoma tiaratum (ET), Australian Stick Insect
ET is one of the best stick insects for children to handle because it is a slow mover. Easy to feed, blackberry and oak leaves are the best choice. The ET is one of the bulkiest stick insects around.

1 NYMPH for $15.00
5 NYMPHS for $60.00
Care sheet can be found at

Vietnamese Stick Insect (ramulus artemis)
Vietnamese (2).jpg
The Vietnamese Stick Insect has a 6” body length and up to 8” in the resting position with front legs extended. All the sticks in the USA are female and parthenogenic. They have a very high reproduction and hatch rate. They can be fed blackberry, oak, rose, raspberry, hazel, and ivy leaves.

50 NYMPHS for $20.00
Care sheet can be found at

Sipyloidea sipylus, Madagascan Pink Wing Stick Insect
Pink Wing.jpg
The Pink Wing stick insect is similar to the Indian stick insect in size and color. The differences are that the Pink Wing can fly as an adult, the nymphs are bright green, and are quicker moving. They feed on blackberry leaves and can be housed with Indian stick insects.

50 NYMPHS for $20.00
Care sheet can be found at

Indian Stick Insects
The Indian Stick Insect is the most common stick insect raised for study in universities, classrooms, and as a feeder. Adults reach 5 inches, and the Indian is very soft, so chameleon’s can take a bigger Indian Stick easily. Nymphs and adults can be housed together; they eat Ivy, blackberry, and romaine.

50 Nymphs for $20.00
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