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My Juvenile female veiled cham used to be an active hunter during the first week I got her. Right when I threw in the crickets, she would go after them. Now she will just stay on her basking branch and occasionally eat up crickets as they cross her path. Is she getting bored, or do some chameleons get that way? One thing though, I did add more plants and things since I first had her. Could that be messing up her hunt. I really hope she gets back in the mood to hunt more actively. It is fun to watch. Also, I do occacionally throw in some mealworms and offer wax worms here and there. She will run after the waxworms but not the mealworms. Sometimes, she will just stare at a mealworm for a long time.
the sit-and-wait tactic is not the only way that chameleons hunt. many spend most of the day walking aroud the terrium looking for food.
Does this mean that my Cham is lazy? I really wish she would be a more active hunter. Also does it matter that my cage is crowded with plants?
When I first got my Cham, he was eating like crazy for about a week. We then went through a week where he watched the crickets and worms, did not eat much to speak of, and had me very, very worried. The very patient and wonderful breeder listened to my worries, told me as long as he was eating something he should be OK, to try a few thinigs like turning up his basking heat a bit, and to stop worrying so much. After a week+ of eating maybe 2 crickets a day, he is now eating 10-15 crickets a day plus a silkworm or 2.
I have 3 chams. The two males are extremetly active hunters (one of them I have seen sprint across the floor chasing after a cricket), and the one female just sits and waits for a cricket to come near her. All three eat the same amount of crickets. I think it is just their personality that defines their hunting style.
Hopefully she will become more active when summer comes around. Right now I just sit and stare at her for hours, waiting for her to do
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