Laying bin temperature/humidity '?'


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Since my other post wasn't very productive, I would like to know, what should the temperature/humidity be for females to lay in? I've been looking around this site and blogs from members here to see if I could find something. Thanks.
What is your room temp? My room temp works great. You might just need to turn the temp in your house up a bit.
The house has been about 70-75, we are having some beautiful weather during the day. Jannb, could you possibly look at my other post and give me your input? It would be greatly appreciated. I'm stressed beyond belief. This is our first time with chameleons and laying. I am experience with other herps, and know first hand that if temps aren't right, my female bearded dragons won't lay at all. Yes, I realize we are talking tropical vs desert. She just felt so cold and I'm concerned.
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