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hi i got a few questions on making my lay bin , is 12" deep enough for my female to dig? and all so when it comes to the play sand how often will u need to spray it to keep it wet enough to dig?? Thanks
I've had lots of them lay eggs in a container that is only that deep...some, however do better in a bigger I have a 65 liter rubbermaid container. I cut away most of the lid and screened over the hole in the lid. I put a couple of bags of oistened playsand in the bottom of the rubbermaid container and a branch. When the chameleon starts digging in the smaller container in her cage, I move her to the rubbermaid...put the lid on and put a light on the screen part of the lid. She can be watered and fed in this long as you make sure no insects are left in there if they are not eaten.

I've found that the sand in the large container will hold enough moisture for a few days, but I will mist the sides of the container enough that some (don't overdo it) water will get on the sand.
ok thanks ya i all so breed bearded dragons and mali uromastyx , i use the same set up but use vermiculite Thank You
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