Latest Splat pics!

Miss Lily

Chameleon Enthusiast
A couple of new pics of my male crestie, Splat! He looks just like his Mum! :D


he's so awesome looking. I might have to get into some reds.
Splat is great, but we need more of your female. :D

Very nice. Im getting hooked. My buddy went away for a month and i have his im taking care of. They are fun.
Harry, I am just about to upload new photos of my female. She finally has a name so all will be revealed in a thread just for her! :D

Laurie! You NEED a crestie or two! :D They are totally different to chams! Splat comes to the front of the tank and looks right at you! He will jump right out onto my hand now too! The female is still quite tiny and pings about a bit, but she does eetlle and just sit on my finger for a while. She is hiding less than she did now she has been handled every night.
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