Las Vegas Reptile Expo - May 14-15, 2011!


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Once again the Las Vegas Reptile Expo is making its way to YOUR schedule! Come see thousands of captive bred reptiles in the vacation destination of the United States! Hotel rooms are $59 with the show rate, and parking is free all weekend. Here is our current vendor list (more being added before the show):

Amazing Blue Reptiles
American Cricket Ranch
Broncers Herp
Carpy's Boas and Corn Snakes
Forktongue Farm
Gecko Daddy
Global Captive Breeders
GuyCo Gecko
J. Mugleston's Exotics
Jarosek Park Reptiles
Jeff Luman Reptiles
LLLReptile & Supply
Marki Reptiles
Nairowkii Reptiles
Reptiles & Reefs
Reptiles Magazine
Ron's Reptiles
Sin City Gecko
Snake 'N' Grass
Southern Nevada Herp Society
Southland Reptile
Sticky Tongue Farms
Swanee's Exotics
The Snake Keeper
Tiki Tiki Reptiles
Tortoise Supply
Tropical Ecos
TSK Supply
Waterland Tubs
ZooMed Labs

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Adult Admission: $8
Kids Under 12: $5
Kids Under 2: Free
VIP Passes: $25

Tickets to the Expo are available at the door, or can be pre-purchased at a discounted rate through the website.

VIP passes allow the purchaser access into the show during setup on Friday as well as getting you into the show an hour early both Saturday and Sunday. If you are looking to get first choice on a very specific animal, this is a good way to ensure that you skip the lines and get to the animal before someone else does.

Parking is free all weekend at the Santa Fe. If you are staying at the hotel, you won’t need to move your car between Friday night and Sunday evening.
Animals are not to be brought into the show by the public. With the Santa Fe Hotel & Casino, we have worked out a “one way rule,” where animals are only to go one way, which is out. Expo attendees are encouraged to leave the property promptly after purchasing any live animals.

Schedule of Events:

Friday May 13th:
Vendor setup: 1:00 – 9:00 PM

Saturday May 14th:
Show opens for vendors: 7:00 AM
Show opens for public: 10:00 AM
Show closes to public: 5:00 PM
All vendors out of the room by 6:00 PM for lockdown

Sunday May 15th:
Show opens for vendors: 8:00 AM
Show opens for public: 10:00 AM
Show closes for public: 5:00 PM
Tear down & pack up 5:00 – 9:00 PM

Also, plan on our next show, October 22-23, 2011 at the same venue!

Ryan Jarosek

New Member
That looks like an awesome list. I can't wait Lisa and I have started to get some stuff ready this weekend so we can make sure we have it all. Looks like we will be out the Thursday before the show.


Avid Member
damn looks like fun, but with rooms an gas that would take up to much cham money, im goin haveta wait for san diego:(


Right Wing Extremist
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Rooms are cheap, $59/night at the show venue. Just sneak into Ryan's room. I hear he's good to cuddle with.

Vegas Chad

Avid Member
It’s going to be a great show! I must admit I REALLY like being able to vend at a show that we don’t have go out of state for! Tyler & Joe make this show a little different than the rest and its defiantly worth the drive/flight; plus what a great excuse to come hang out in Vegas, right?
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